Hideo Kon, 01-14-1943

NOTE: Year is incorrect. Postmark on envelope is January 15, 1943.
January 14, 1942
Dear Mr and Mrs Hendersin – (including the children)
Thank you very much for the fine
hospitality shown to us during our
stay at Camp McCoy. Those good old
days will always be in my memories.
How can I forget it. May be someday
I may be back to see Wisconsin again.
Lets [sic] hope the day will come soon [sic] than
we expect.
Even now as I write this letter I
can just picture the girls coming
down the hillside on the sled and
Nancy riding her card board [sic] sled. How
I wish I was there to enjoy the sled
ride again. Again we must leave it for
the day to come.
With the fine cooperation of the train
personnel, which [sic] reach our destination safely.
At least we don’t see snow. That’s a
relief. But we miss the snow in a
way. The morning is very chilly but
during the day it seems like we
were back at home. That’s one good
think [sic] about this place.
Before I close I wish to thank you

again and hope you all the best
of luck.
Aloha nui loa