Hideo Kon, 07-29-1942

Not dated
Dear Mr Hendersin & Family,
Before I start I guess
I deserve a good swift
kick for not writing for
a long time. Before I
receive my punishment
I want to say my piece.
Having nothing to do the whole
day I get so lazy that I
even don’t want to eat but
sleep, leaving things for the
next day. So it just goes
on that way until I received
a letter from home.
Now my leg is getting better
& I can walk around the
hospital, but the leg is
still in the cast. I am
sorry I cause [sic] all of
you a big trouble . It
wont [sic] happen again.
May be in another month
or so I’ll be out but
I wont [sic] guarantee.
How is [sic] the girls & boys
Especially Bobby. Still
making noise.
Well before I get hell
from the night doctor
I think it would be
nice to close. Don’t you
think so. Goodnite