Hideo Kon, 08-22-1942

Aug 22, 1942
Dear Mr. Hendersin,
Thank you very much for the box
of apples. It was very good and
the boys in the ward were very glad.
The last time I seen the apple [sic] it was
so small. And it is a month and a half
since I last seen it.
How are Mrs Hendersin and the rest
of the Hendersin clans. Hope they are
in fine health.
I am getting along fine now.
Before long I’d be out jumping
around. The hospital life isn’t so bad
once you get to like it. The only
thing that is bad is we are like
animals caged up most of the time.
The boys come up once in a while
and tell me the fun they had. Does
it hurt.
Now that winter is just around
the corner the life of a farmer must
be very busy. Maybe I could help when
I get out from here. Leave some

job for me.
I have to fix my bed so this will
be all for the time being. I am hoping
to see you folks again soon.
Please convey my best wishes to
the rest.
Thanks again for the apples.
Just a nosey soldier who
can’t stay up.