Rudy Yoshioka, 01-25-1943

A.P.O. 85
Camp Shelby, Miss.
Jan. 25, 1943
Dear Mr. Hendersin,
Here I’m way down South and all the time
wishing that they’d send me back to the “Garden of
Eden,” Sparta Wisconsin even if the weather is down
to 20 below.
Down here you find nothing but swamp
marshland & majority of the population is com-
posed of Negroes. The town of Hattiesburg is
quite big from what I see when we passed
thru there on our way down. At least 40,000
in population. But the recreation facilities
& accommodations are far inferior to the ones
in Sparta.
On our way down we passed thru the
out skirts [sic] of Illinois, St. Louis & Memphis,
but was disappointed because it wasn’t what
I expected it to be. However I always like
to ride the Pullman for it is the only re-
fuge we have for a holiday.
We’re still confined for the measles ever
since Xmas.
Best of regards to the rest of the family for
their kind regards & hospitality.
Aloha Rudy