Thomas Higa, 01-23-1943

Camp Shelby
January 23, 43

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hendersin,
Received the kind
letter the other day.
How are you folks getting
along? As for me I’m
fine. I came out from
Hospital the day we
left the camp. I was
in the hospital 23 days.
I was quarantin [sic] cause of
the measles.
I hope you folks
enjoyed the Christmas
and new year. I was
planning to go to your
place on Christmas day
but was in the


My sisters received the
gifts sent by Betty, Nancy
and Joanne. She told me
to give her sincerely [sic] thanks.
She was very glad and
appreciate it very much.
If I could get a for-
lough [sic] I’m planning to
visit you folks.
Thomas Higa