Thomas Higa, 07-27-1942

July 27, 1942

Dear Mr. Hendersin:
Thank you for everything that
you had done for me. It was
the greatest enjoyment I’ve had
since I arrived here, and I felt
as though I was back home.
I sure appreciate your showing
me around the farm. I always
wanted to see a farm on the
mainland and all the different
types of machinery used on the
farms. The way we farm back
home and the type of farming
is distinctly different from the
method of farming here. It was

a great opportunity that would have never
happened if I wasn’t in the
I hope I could do the same
for you some day when you
come over to Hawaii.
Again I say mahalo (thank you)
and my best regards and Aloha
to you and your family.
Sincerely yours,
Thomas Higa