Thomas Higa, 08-26-1942

Aug. 26, 1942
Camp McCoy, Wis.

My dear Mr. Hendersin:
“By Jimminy,” Monday
morning when I got up, it
was so cold, I thought sure
there was some snow on the
ground. We’re not accustomed
to extremely cold weather and
Sunday night and Monday
morning were the coldest for
me yet. Furthermore, when I
hear people say that it may
go as low as 30 below, it
makes me shiver more inside.
I am happy to hear
that you liked those pictures,
don’t you think most of them
turned out swell?
I’m only too happy
to come down to your farm

at anytime. But the boys
and I feel that we cannot
go to your place too often
because we’ll be causing you
too much inconvenience and
But this Sunday since
you’ve extended to us an
invitation to a picnic at
your sister’s farm, we’re only
too happy to accept and
go along.
With your kind permission,
I would like to bring with me
four nice boys. Do you think
this is too many? We will
wait for you at the U.S.O.
at 9:30 Sunday morning.

Convey my best Aloha
to your family – See you
all this Sunday –
Until then Aloha!

Alohally [sic] yours,
Thomas Higa
Since I am unable to express
myself adequately, my English
teacher, Harold Higashi, wrote this
letter for me.
Thomas Higa