Thomas Higa, 09-21-1942

September 21

Hello Mr & Mrs:
I am writing you again letting
you know that I will not be there
on Thursday evening. The small, little
reason is that the negatives I sent to
be printed isn’t finished. I asked the
man at the drugstore what became
of it, & he told me that he will
check up. It sure taking time on
it so I went down to Sparta last
night to find out, but I guess I’m
not a lucky guy after all.
By the way I received your letter
and the snapshots you’ve sent the other
day. I appreciated your kindness
in sending me & thanks a lot.
The next time you don’t have to
bother in sending for I’ll be
there sooner or later.
Last night I was down
Sparta & the chill night wind was

killing me. Gee (?) it sure poured when
I was down there, so I spent the evening
in the U.S.O. hall. Anyway, I am
starting to feel the climate had
changed. We all didn’t expect it was
going to be this cold, so if you out here
could take it we could, but now I
see that it is very hard for us.
I wish we still had the warm
summer & we could be happy ones
again. Now I am rapped [sic] up in a
blanket & thinking of the warm
days went by. I wish that I knew
how to take this cold weather coming
with a smile. I guess I’m
talking to [sic] much now. So until
I see you all again –
Good Night
Yourse [sic] Truly
Thomas Higa