Thomas Higa’s sister, 09-06-1942

Kaneohe, Oahu
P.O. Box 81
Sept. 6, 1942
Dear Henderson’s [sic] Family;
Although we’re not acquainted so as to meet each
other, I’ll be glad to write to you people. You know
my brother Thomas don’t you? You are my brother’s
friend and don’t know my family & me, but guess you’ll also
be fond of being our friend too. We were very glad
to hear from my brother Thomas in Mainland about
how nice your family and how much you’ve done
for him. He and also my parents & all of us appre-
ciated very much of your kindness. We thank you
very much for what you’ve done.
Yesterday we received a letter & pictures of your
family & army boys of Kahaluu. My family and I
were very glad to see your faces. The other time we
received your son’s picture in the navy at Pearl Har-
bor. Brother Thomas gave us your son’s address &
also your address so I’m ready to write to you. Also, my
parents would like to write some few words of “Thanks”
but sorry they don’t know how to write so they asked me
to write to you.
How’s your family getting along? Hope you all are
fine. As for us we’re all in our utmost best con-
dition. We shall be very glad to know you people as
one of our best friend.
We’ve heard from brother Thomas about visiting
your big farm and how Miss Alice Tenney helped him &
how nice you people were. Last of all he had supper
with your family. That very day (Sun) he said his
feeling was just like he came back to home in Hawaii
and met all of his family. He also wrote that you
people are just like sisters & brothers to him. Oh!
this feeling about how nice you people are doing for
my brother I just can’t express my feeling of glad-
ness & thank you in words. Also my parents were
saying this. We were very glad to hear from him
about you and shall be glad to know. I know we
will know each other more clearly in just a few
moments. Also, in yesterdays letter he wrote to me that
he’s going to picnic which you invited him. It seems
that he’s very glad the way how he wrote in my letter.
Also he introduced you people to us by letter saying how
many there are in your family. Also the age & the height.
I’m ready to talk about my family but I’ve better do it
in my next letter or might be Thomas told you already.
I think its very nice to go their visiting the big farm.
Also its nice to learn how to drive the tractor. It seems
that all of your family could drive. Gee! We were much
surprised to hear that even the 9 yrs. old boy &
you girls could drive. Gee! Its very grand to visit
your big farm. I could just see it in my mind.
He also said that whenever he don’t have anything to
do & is lonesome he calls you over the phone and in
a few minutes you come to get him over to your home. So
he said he’s not lonesome. In this we know just
how much you love him. We again would like
to thank you. We will appreciated very much
of your kindness. Since I have nothing more to
add, I’ll drop my pen here. “Aloha” & “Good Luck”
to your family.

P.S. Hope you could read my poor english & writing.

Yours very truly,
Matsuko Higa