Letter to Eizo, 12/5/1943

Sunday Nite
December 5, 1943


Hello Eizo,

So you’re Charles – nice name you have & nice boy too you are, to write uncle a very good letter. I like it very much, so someday I hope to show it to you again.

Uncle too had turkey, only I helped cook some of them so I ate more than you. I was very glad to hear you write all is well. I too am very well.

Saturday we had chicken, raw fish, beer, fruits & jello and other nice things to eat. This we call company beer party – money come in from the P.X. percentage commission, etc.

I have many friends here from all over the islands, so I have many luaus to go when I see Hawaii again.

Charles, I hope you enjoy a very merry Xmas & a happy new year too. Someday uncle will take you, George & Daniel (who this, Eiji’s husband) places, tell you stories & show you how to become a homerun hitter – bye now sleep well & study hard – good boy so long –

Uncle Hideo

December 15 1943, Eizo