Letter to Fujiko, 10/16/1943

Oct. 16, 19
(Year torn off, but it is 1943.)

Hello Fujiko,

Got your letter & snapshots & am very glad over ‘em. Hope all is well with the folks, as for myself, I’m doing alright.

I came back from New York city [sic] Tuesday & I sure had a lot of fun out there. Lots of nice places & shows & ball games (World Series). Lots of people there, & they treat us alright, only curious. I first went up the tall buildings, way up 1250 feet. I could see almost the whole city. Saw the big Normandie, Statue of Liberty (went there). Rode the subways (under ground train), only cost a nickel. Sorry I do have postcards to send you, later I may get some from the others who are there now.

Fujiko, sorry I do not have any pen pals for you to write to. You see, I cannot go as usual inquiring of people about those things. You have to find that out for yourself, sorry have to disappoint you.

While I was in New York I saw Lana Tu (paper torn off, may be Turner) & Ann Southern on the broadcasts of the Phi (paper torn off) Morris program (Phillip Morris Broadcast). Yes, lots of people were there, (paper torn off) …. theater & nice theater too. They have swell theaters in New York city [sic]. The people are all swell to us, in a way I guess they are still curious who we are why we are here, sooner or later they’ll hear of our work in the Army.

Well, I haven’t much to say so will close now … hoping to hear that all is well as usual so long, best regards to all.

Your Uncle,

October 16 1943 envelope
October 16 1943