Letter to Fujiko, 9/2/1943

Pfc. Hideo Akiyama 30106234                                                                     Sept. 2, 1943
Co. A – 442nd Inf.                                                                                           9:30 p.m.
Camp Shelby, Miss.

Hello Fujiko,Got your letter yesterday & it sure was a surprise to me – you bet I’m glad to hear from you people & also didn’t realize how I should have written to you folks sooner. Well here I am anyway – feeling fine & going places.

I’ll do the things you asked of me to do for you. Also would like to hear from Elmer cause he can give me lots of information about New York city [sic] & other places which I plan to visit soon. Will send my picture soon as I can.

Yes I guess you children all are growing up to be fine boys and girls now. I still remember all your folks very well & also all the nice things of you all. Naughty things? Nay [sic] I’ve forgotten all that. You know if it was possible I’d be giving out nickels & dimes to you all cause I’ve got ‘em & they take up too much room.

I’ve seen some movies, but they were not enjoyed by me so much, as I would if I was seeing it back home.

The surroundings are still a little strange to me so naturally I just sit tight & see the movies just to pass the time away. I guess by now you must be wondering how come my letter seems so scratchy & ununiform {sic}. I’m rushing cause to-nite {sic} is a b-i-g nite [sic] for us all. You people will be reading of it in the papers.

I’ll also extend aloha to Mutt – he lives right across us. We have a plan to go swimming but have not so far.

Please pardon me for making this letter short & do not mind my penmanship. I’m writing on my knees so it’s shaky.

Hoping you all are fine & happy & all the luck to you folks – my best regards to all – say hello to Mr. Nakashima & oh ask him whats [sic] the matter with the championship team of Hanapepe this year.

So long Fujiko.

Your Uncle

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