Letter to George, 12/5/1943

Sunday Nite
Dec. 5, 1943

Hello George,

Received your letter on Friday & I was glad to read it. Hope you drop me a line once in awhile & let me know how you are making out as a young boy & a boy scout too. I am very fine over here – more strong & lively now than before.

Nowadays we go camping every week, to become better soldiers & learn how to fight under certain conditions. The weather is very cold at times & so while out in the field we do not take a bath.

The people out here are as a whole friendly to us. Of course they do not take us around like the people of Hawaii do with the soldiers stationed in Hawaii. The places I have gone looked pretty good, but they never can be better than Hawaii. Over here Negroes & whites do not sit to-gether [sic] on buses or shows & certain places Negroes cannot go to eat. I hardly see any gardens too. Around here there are no mountains – just rolling plains.

George, that’s all for now, so be a good boy & also try to read this letter all by yourself to improve your knowledge of words. Uncle learned most after finishing school – thru [sic] some papers, books, etc. Well, so long, bye now.

Uncle Hideo

December 15 1943, George