Letter to Fujiko 2/2/1944

Wednesday Noon
February 2, 1944

Hello Fujiko,

Hope this letter finds you & the folks in the very best of health.  Thanks for the greetings.  I am very fine & anticipating new adventures soon.

This new camp I’m in now is a swell place compared to Shelby.  Yes – it’s cold here too but not as cold as Miss.  Today I had the luck of walking under falling snowflakes.  Last week I visited W.D.C. again & met some mainland girls, it seems they do not know how to entertain boys from Hawaii.  All they think we care for is to eat ice cream & talk, well this kind of stuff go good for people like your age – for us who have but numbered days to see all this grandeur go by, it’s being a waste of valuable time.  One thing tho’ [sic] for my part, I had a wonderful time the first nite (2 nites we had).  I met a nice girl who came from Tacoma, Wash.  Yes, she is of Japanese ancestry, working girl, stenographer.  Too bad she had to attend a club dinner the following nite, anyway before I left, I gave her my aloha – her address? of course I have it.  Too many addresses can’t keep up with ‘em.  According to news I receive from home there are lots of new improvements going on Kauai.  I also heard that former boys stationed at Hppe . fire st. came back from the Madria [sic] Islands.  They were surprised to know to-day [sic] I’m in the service too and way out here.  Of course they do not know I’m about ready for embarkation.  To see them again would be a great reunion for us all & I had lots of fun with them, on the ballfield & around town.

Since I have to write lots more letters I’ll say good nite and keep up your education – don’t be a “numbskull.”  Give my best regards to your dad & ma & brothers & sister & Edna folks, bye bye.

Your Uncle

This may be my last letter for a long time.

February 2 1944, P2

February 2 1944, P2.jpg