Letter to Fujiko 6/8/1944

                                                                                   Italy 6-8-44

Dear Fujiko,

Received your last letter with the snapshots too – and I am very happy to know all is well over there.  As for me I’m quite tired just now from traveling so far but am alright otherwise.

This is my first chance to write a few lines so hope you’ll pass the word along to the folks that I’m okay.  I know by now you read of the end front & the fall of Rome.  Losing friends I’ve come to know quite well is a hard blow for me take calmly.  I shall not tell you how I felt that day my friends gave their lives.  Things have been moving real fast since the day we started our own push.  Few days ago we had our first glimpse of the blue ocean.  The smell of seaweeds were good.  We are passing many small towns – yes, all of ‘em have been touched by the “scars’ of war.

Only by chance have I been able to look up my friends who are still plodding along like I am.  Henry Tanabe is okay.  Torigoe, Ken Yoshimoto and others nearby are all still okay.  At present we are chasing the enemy from all points – hope they give up before anymore unnecessary lives are lost.  Yes, my feet sure took a lot of pounding these past days.  And, I’m sure I must have lost about 20 pounds already.

Glad to have the snapshots & to know all is well over there – haven’t anymore to say so till my next chance to write I’ll say aloha to all & tell the folks I’m alright – with deepest regards & love to all

Your Uncle

June 6 1944 Envelope

June 6 1944, P1

June 6 1944, P2