Letter to George 4/10/1944

To:                                                                           From:
Mr. George Oyama                                               Pfc H Akiyama 30106234
Eleele, Kauai                                                          Co. “C” 100th Inf. Bn Sep
T.H.                                                                          APO 34 c/o Postmaster
April 10, 1944

Hello George,

How are you & the others – all enjoying your school work & the comics I hope. I am fine altho’ [sic] I did not get a bath for a long time now. And my face have a lot of “cabbages” growing. When I see myself in a mirror I have to smile.Well, George, I’ve been to Africa, tho’ [sic] just at two places but of what I’ve seen of that place, it isn’t much to speak of. Here in Italy, altho’ [sic] it is ruined in most places, it looks pretty good. Plenty vino – we use to exchange a bottle for three packages of cigarettes. The boys & girls your age are going thru a lot of misery, so if your days are pretty low, I hope you do not growl about it. George, tell your dad I’ve spoken to the boys of Wahiawa. In addition, Eleele & Port Allen. Oh, & Satoru Okamura, Sgt, is in the same company as I am. Tho’ [sic] out here in the front I do not see him often. And Ben Morimoto. If I get back, boy there better be lots of chickens & pigs cause I sure will be needing them to give my buddies a luau when they come around to Kauai. Well, George, be a good boy till I write again. Hope Daniel, Charles, Fujiko, Sets, Edna, Kay, Amy, June & the others how many? Well hope you all are very fine & go to church services like me now. – so long my regards to all –

Your Uncle

April 10 1944