Letter to Fujiko, 2/10/1944

Thursday Nite
February 10, 1944

Dear Fujiko,

Hello, hope you & the others are very well – as for myself I’m feeling fine & now I regret to say that I will not be able to send a photo for the time being, much as I want to & should have when in Camp Shelby where I had the time.  I hope in the future I may have the time & place to do just that.

We are kept pretty busy so have no time to think too much of our own pleasures.  Tomorrow nite (our big nite preparing for inspection) we will be having a hekka dinner, probably our last one for a long time, who knows yeah.  Pretty soon, it’ll be a full year that I’m in the Army – how quick the days have gone by.  In all this time I’ve seen a lot of places & got acquainted with lots of swell guys.  Also I have learned a lot of things, all very useful to me now & for the days to come, even after the war, if I’m lucky enough to use that training.  As for cooking, well I’m not that good – nor have the hankering to care for it now – I rather be right in there where theres [sic] more action.  We are five hrs. ahead of your time which makes it hard for me to do certain things I want to do before going over.

Well, I haven’t much more to say, unless telling you again to study hard & be a good girl & hep your brothers & your sis & your parents.  Hoping life have a better place for all you youngsters in the future years to come, always my deepest regards & sincerest wishes to you all I remain as always, your far away uncle




Please extend my greets to Yoshito folks
& Kiyoko folks & my folks & the Hisono’s [sic],
thanks very much.  Sorry about the photograph –
maybe I might be able to take one someday, if I
do I’ll send it over without fail – bye now.

February 10 1944 Envelope

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February 10 1944, P2