Documents from Club 100 Files

Several documents were found in the office files that provide additional information about the early days of the Club.

Dr. Katsumi Komentani, a dentist and the 100th’s Morale Officer, was considered the key person in purposing and planning a postwar organization for the veterans. His son, Franklin, brought the following document and other items to the clubhouse years after Dr. Kometani had passed away. This preliminary “Charter and By-Laws” looks like it may have been drafted in late 1944 or in 1945:

Preliminary Summary of Charter and By-laws

The success of the Blood Bank Project was summarized in the following article:

Blood Bank Project

The guidelines for the Loan Fund Program appeared in the November 1947 Puka Puka Parade:

Mutual Loan Fund Program

The Objects and Purposes of the Club were included in the program for the 10th anniversary celebration of the battalion’s formation.

Purpose of Club 100

Veteran Ben Tamashiro was assigned the task of writing the postwar history of the Club for the 30th Anniversary brochure. His list of the Club’s projects and activities illustrate what a dynamic organization had evolved. Each chapter held family nights at the clubhouse. As the veterans retired, more annual events were added to the calendar such as a golf club banquet in January, bonsai show in July, a bowling league party in August, and a green thumb orchid show in November.

Club Activities