Listing of KIA By Battle

In 2007 two southern California nonprofit, all volunteer organizations – Americans of Japanese Ancestry World War II Memorial Alliance and the Japanese American Living Legacy (JALL) – partnered to preserve the history of the soldiers of Japanese ancestry who were killed fighting for the United States in World War II. Previously, the Memorial Alliance’s volunteers spent years compiling this information. Their research resulted in “Echoes of Silence,” a CD that contains 847 profiles of these men and their Caucasion officers who were killed in action. The CD can be ordered by contacting the Japanese American Living Legacy

The JALL received permission from the University of Hawaii to use “Ambassadors in Arms: The Story of Hawaii’s 100th Infantry Battalion” by Dr. Thomas Murphy to insert the dates and names of the soldiers who were killed after the appropriate passages in the book. Dr. Murphy was a professor at the University and chairman of the Hawaii War Records Committee. The two original senior officers of the battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Farrant Turner and Major James Lovell, were eager to have the story of the 100th Infantry Battalion recorded and persuaded Dr. Murphy to write the book which was published in 1954. Major Lovell worked closely with him and arranged interviews with the veterans.

JALL also used the 442nd Regimental journals.

Acknowledgment: Thank you to the JALL for allowing their documentation to be shown on this website.

Listing of KIA by Battle: