Club Members In General Election Go All Out

Author: Spark Matsunaga, D Company
Puka Puka Parades, October 1954, vol. 7 no. 9

Brief article about the Club 100 members who were voted into office.

In perhaps the most hectic and revolutionary election campaign in years, all except one of our club member candidates were successful in the general election.

We congratulate Sakae Takahashi for garnering a Senate position. The only regret is that Jim Lovell who made a gallant bid for the Senate had to finish out of the money but this was a Democrat landslide year. However, Wilfred Tsukiyama, incumbent and honorary club member was also in so inasmuch as there were three 100th members fighting for two positions, one had to be left out.

We’re proud of all these candidates and we know that win or lose, they are highly respected by the community. Yasutaka Fukushima was the lone Republican in the Fifth district house while in the 4th our Spark Matsunaga along with Dan Inouye and Masato Doi from the 442nd added prestige to the veterans’ groups. On Kauai, our Toshio Kabutan emerged Winner in a hot race for county attorney. Some of the club members were key campaign workers for each of the candidates and were in the thick of battle in support of their candidate. Now that the battle is over, we can get together and lick our wounds and talk over it like the Italiano days — eh paisan?