Salute to Colonel Turner

Author: Raymond Nosaka, B Company
Puka Puka Parades, December 1951, vol. 5 no. 10

Saluting Colonel Farrant Turner and his impact on Club 100 members before, during and after the war.

This month’s salute goes to our Colonel F. L. Turner.

Almost a decade has elapsed since the formation of the 100th Infantry Battalion. Our beloved “Father” and Commander is still our grand “Old Man” and friend. His prominence in civic and social functions has not affected his loyalty to the boys.

Colonel Turner, who was born on the Big Island in 1895, received his education in Hilo public schools, Punahou, and at Weslyan University where he earned his B.A. degree.

During World War I, Farrant Turner served nine months with the American doughboys on the battlefields of France. Then in 1924, he joined the Hawaiian National Guard from which in 1940 the Japanese-Americans of the 298th and 299th Inf. Reg. was organized into the famed 100th Infantry Battalion. It was then that the Colonel proved his great faith in the boys of Japanese ancestry. At the risk of being referred to as a “Jap lover”, Colonel Turner stood behind the boys all the way–Oahu, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Africa and Italy. Much of the wise advice and counseling that the Colonel gave to the boys is not forgotten today.

Among the many awards that Colonel Turner received are the Legion of Merit and Italian Cross; but as far as the boys are concerned, no award would sufficiently express the deep devotion and appreciation that the grand “old man” deserves.

In spite of active participation in innumerable clubs and organizations (American Legion, Honolulu Symphony Society, Hawaii Vets War Memorial Fund and Club 100 to name a few), the president of the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce manages to squeeze in a little gardening and golfing now and then. Also active in the Turner household is Mrs. Turner who is co-chairman of the 1951 Red Cross Drive. Son, Lt. Albert Farrant Turner returned recently from the Korean battlefront.

Today, as in the past years, the Colonel extends his hand of friendship. As busy as he is, he still welcomes the boys to drop in and chat with him–to give advice and recommendations. As long as this world is gifted with men like our Farrant L. Turner, people can continue to have faith in mankind. If given the privilege to do so, we know that every man of the 100th Infantry would shake your hand and salute you, Colonel Farrant L. Turner!

Raymond Noaaka