Author: Raymond Nosaka, B Company
Source: Club 100 30th Anniversary Reunion, June 1972

Ray Nosaka talks about the boxers of the 100th Infantry Battalion

The 100th had many talented boxers who made a name for themselves in the manly sport of boxing. Hank Nakamura, who came up from the ranks of amateurs, fought his way up t become a star prizefighter. Then, we have Marshall Higa who took the Allied Army Bantamweight Title in Africa in 1943 as well as the runner-up featherweight title while at Camp Shelby. There was Roy Nakamine who reached the finals in the Allied Army Flyweight Division in Africa in 1943. Ray Nosaka who was runner-up in the San Francisco boxing tournament in the year 1939, took the Flyweight Division title in Camp Shelby in 1943. Irving Akahoshi, Joe Tengan, and Asao Tanaka also participated in Army boxing tournaments while in Camp

Other members who were associated in the boxing field before or after our Army days are: Kenji Nobori, who took Territory Middleweight Championship in 1937; Henry Oshiro, former Territory bantamweight Champion (1941); Douglas Tanaka, Oahu Bantamweight champion in 1936; Richard Chinen, Oahu Flyweight Champion in 1937; Harry Miyamoto, Hilo Lightweight Champion in 1937; Katsumi Miura, Thomas Morikawa, Soko Higa, Nobuo Nihei, Wimpy Furutani and Bunichi Kimura.

After returning to civilian life, Marshall Higa, Richard Chinen, Henry Oshiro, and Raymond Nosaka coached, trained and developed many youngsters into amateur boxing champions and lasting fame in the fist cuff world!