Did You Know

Author: unknown
Puka Puka Parades, December 1949, vol. 4 no. 7

Random information and early years about Company A

1. That according to best available records 578 men served in Company A from start to finish during the last war.

2. That approximately 30% of Able men were awarded Purple Hearts.

3. That Sadao Munemori, only AJA to receive a Congressional Medal was an enlisted man from “A”.

4. That remains of 46 Able KIA’s are interred in the Pacific National Cemetery.

5. That the remains of pfc’s Chieto Nishitani, Toshio Miura and Hideo Shimabukuro were sent to Japan and interred there.

6. That the remains of S/Sgt. Itsumu Sasaoka, Pfc. Toshio Sasano and Pfc. Jiro Otsuka have not been recovered.

7. That James Maeda from Hilo always manages to be in town whenever there is a banquet.

8. That outside island chapters have advised Able softballers not to make a return trip because they eat too much.

9. That Mits Fukuda has the most bambinos (3) in Able Chapter.

10. That James (Big Head) Matsuda besides being an airplane pilot is acclaimed as the biggest chowhound in ‘A’.