Dedication of the Turner Portrait

Author: Dick Oguro, B Company
Puka Puka Parades, July 1960, vol. 13 no. 7

Dick Oguro details the unveiling of the Turner portrait to be displayed in a ceremony on Memorial Day, May 30

The “Old Man” has finally come home to roost for good, at Club 100, in the form of a very life-like portrait in oil on canvas. His portrait was finally unveiled at a simple but impressive ceremony, appropriately enough, on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30.

Mrs. Turner was very conspicuously present for this occasion, having returned from Germany where she had spent a year with her son and family. The truth of the matter was that the portrait had been finished a long time ago but the unveiling had been held off for the convenience of Mrs. Turner …a very fine gesture on the part of the Portrait Committee. Over a year ago, shortly after Col. Turner had been laid to rest at the Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery, Tad Kanda was appointed to spearhead a drive for funds for a portrait to immortalize Col. Turner forever on canvas.

Contributions poured in quickly, strictly from members. Taking the suggestion of Mrs. Turner, Bradshaw Crandell, a classmate of the “Old Man” was commissioned to do the portrait and it really turned out to be an excellent choice. The evidence hangs from the wall in Turner Hall.

Fundee Shirai was MC for the portrait unveiling part. Besides Mrs. Turner, Rev. Hiro Higuchi also took part in the ceremony. Following this portion, Turner Hall was also officially and formally dedicated, with James Lovell making the dedication address.

The next time you are at the clubhouse, look up at the “Old Man.” It looks so life-like that he seems to be smiling at you… giving you the impression that he is still about you, very much alive! Yes, the portrait is truly a living memorial!