Cassino Farmer Uncovers Remains

Author: unknown
Puka Puka Parades, April 1950, vol. 5 no. 4

A farmer in Cassino finds the body of Pfc. Richard Honda.

The remains of Pfc, Richard M. Honda, Company C, were uncovered recently by an Italian farmer in the vicinity of Cassino, Italy.

First news reaching here of the recovery of the remains was contained in a letter written in Italian by Potone Antonoccio, a native of Cassino, to Mrs. Nancy (Honda) Tamane, the deceased soldier’s widow. The letter read as follows:

“Gentle Lady:

Eight days ago while walking upthe mountain looking and digging vegetables I uncovered the body of your husband, Tag No. Richard M. Honda, No.30100958, T-43. With all due course, I notified the American Command in Rome and they immediately took the body to American Cemetery. I am sending you my condolence from an Italian, Potone Antonoccio.”

The remains of Pfc. Honda had been listed as Missing in Action since February 10, 1944. An intensive search for clues leading to the recovery of the veteran’s remains had been instigated for many months through Club 100 headquarters in cooperation with the American Graves Registration Office, Pacific Zone. Maps of the Cassino area and affidavits by members had been submitted to the Quartermaster General in Washington.

Honda’s father has expressed a desire to have his son’s remains returned to Hawaii for final burial.