Harry Hisao Miyamoto

D Company

Harry Hisao Miyamoto was born in 1917 in Naalehu on the island of Hawaii. Harry had a younger brother Paul and three older half-siblings. He enjoyed playing barefoot football, baseball, and boxing and graduated from McKinley High school on the island of Oahu. Enlisting in the Army prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Harry served with distinction in North Africa and Italy and received two battlefield promotions resulting in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. He was one of 30 enlisted men in the 100th who received battlefield commissions.

After an extensive rehabilitation in Battle Creek, Michigan as a result of being wounded in battle in Italy, he eventually settled in La Crosse, Wisconsin, just 30 miles from Camp McCoy where the 100th first trained after leaving Hawaii. He would reminisce about his time at Camp McCoy and the first time he and his buddies saw snow. He was grateful for the genuine hospitality bestowed upon the men in his outfit by the citizens of the “coulee region” of Wisconsin.