Stanley Hamamura

A Company

Stanley Hamamura was born in Paia, Maui in 1917.  He received his first draft notice in 1940, but since he was a student at the University of Hawaii, he was deferred three times.  He was inducted in the fourth draft on November 15, 1941 and assigned to the 298th Infantry of the Hawaii National Guard, then later transferred to the Hawaiian Provisional Battalion which was renamed the 100th Infantry Battalion.

During training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, the Army found out he had a ham radio license and had left his short wave radio at the UH dormitory where he had lived.  The Army confiscated it and sent him a check for $50.00. He was transferred from A Company to the radio section of Headquarters Company.

Mr. Hamamura took a camera and film with him to Europe.  After he completed a roll of film, he would mail it to one of his sisters who was living in New York City.  His photographs are of scenes in Italy as he was wounded in combat there and did not accompany the battalion when it went to France.