Conrad Kurahara

B Company

Conrad Kurahara was from Sacramento, California. His family was incarcerated at Tuli Lake. After he enlisted while in camp, he was sent as a replacement for B Company. Kurahara was an anchor in the 100th/442nd color guard. His twin brother, Laverne, served as the other anchor in the color guard.

Kurahara was wounded in the Gothic Line campaign. Laverne was wounded the same day elsewhere in Europe. Since his injury was less severe than Laverne’s, Kurahara visited him in the hospital. When a nurse saw him, she was shocked and asked what he was doing out of bed. Kurahara responded that he was looking for his twin brother.

Kurahara continued serving in Europe after the war ended and performed guard duty of German POWs. At this point, he had an opportunity to try out for the 442nd basketball and football team. The twins played many basketball games throughout Europe.

Kurahara returned to the mainland after his time in the service ended and met his wife, Jane. They lived in several places on the mainland before returning to her home state of Hawaii.