August 7, 1944

Dear Sis─

Yeah, I know, its [sic] been a hell of a long time since I’ve written anything that resembles a letter. Even the lieutenant has lectured us on this matter and it kinda got on my conscience.

I haven’t seen Hal but once since we went into action but I imagine he’s all right and I hope he writes oftener than I do. He should be doing so because he’s been giving me hell about not writing. I guess I’ve told you before but personally I don’t see much in writing unless comes the time when I get in the mood to do so and I can write more than the “how are you, I’m fine, goodbye” business that just about fits into a v-mail sheet.

I’m about getting into the mood now, but pretty soon somebody’s going to stick his head in the door and say “hey, we go show.” Talking about shows, we are now staioned in an area where such a thing is available. Movies here lately have been “Cover Girl,” “This is the Life” “Andy Hardy something” and others I’ve forgotten or haven’t seen. Most of them are all right but there was one in which the damn fool joins the Army.

Life is comparatively good for us right now (the guy called and I’m off to the show)

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